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Before a new token can be added to our platform, it needs to be reviewed. Our team checks each token individually. The most important inspections performed:​
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Honeypot check
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Buy/Sell fees
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pngegg - 2021-12-08T234917.688.png
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When all checks are done and if they are suitable for our platform, the tokens get a rating of 1 to 5 stars. After that, the token is classified into one of our types.
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Contract modifiers
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Scam code
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Hidden mints
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Top 5 holders
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Locks (LP and Token)
Ambassador tokens 
First class tokens
Marshal tokens 
Second class tokens
Sellsword tokens 
Third class tokens


Most of token platforms have no standards. They are basically marketing sites where developers / owners can add their own tokens, and investors can view, rate, and share that particular token. In addition, there are paid add-on spots where developers / owners can market their tokens and catch a list of the top 10 on these platforms.


In order for the token to be displayed on our platform, it must meet special conditions. Teams / token owners cannot add tokens to our platform, tokens are found and added to the platform by our team after they go into thorough investigation.
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Clarification is a tool where new tokens are reviewed and added to the platform. Our team will do their best to filter out scams and alert you if a problem occurs. However, fraudsters have become smarter. We need to pay attention to “honeypots”, “rugpulls” and “slow rugpulls”.

This platform is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice or any advice in this regard.

Please do your own research and be careful.
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